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Custom Cake Pops 

Sold individually wrapped or by the dozen


Raspberry Dark Chocolate, Maple Cream, Peanut Butter, Double Dark or Milk Chocolate, Salted Caramel

  Customized Chocolate Oreos

 Dark, White or Milk Chocolate

Sold individually or by the dozen

  Pretzel Rod Pack

   Sold individually as well

  Gourmet Apples 

Caramel, Heath Toffee, Butterfinger, Oreo,

Triple Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, 

Peanut Explosion, Cranberry Cashew, 

Pecan Turtle, Caramel Smore, Apple Pie


     Gourmet Pretzel Rods 

    Chocolate & Caramel 


       Gourmet Cookies  

       Gourmet Popcorn  

      Trio Crate 


IMG_4812 (1).JPG

Chocolate Trio

-5 boxes of Turtles

-5 boxes of Miscauno Island Fudge

-5 boxes of Chocolate Covered Oreos


These boxes of delicious chocolate sweets are the prefect addition to your business and can also be customized as gifts with your logo. 

Your cost with the wooden carrier is $120 or $8/box. The markup is your choice but we have sold these boxes for up to $14 each. 

Reordering is easy, just reach out by using the contact info below.


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